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Inspiring music in Casey Neistat's vlogs

After watching a few vlogs by Casey Neistat on Youtube, I couldn't help notice the well-chosen music in the background. Particularly music by one artist named Julian Avila. Here is his music:
Inspired, I took several months old videos I shot on GoPro Hero 2 when I was biking to Kahlenberg in the rain. After a few hours and two whiskeys, this came from my computer:

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Yamaha S08 - sticky keys repair

My keyboard Yamaha S08 suffered from several "sticky keys" disease already a year, perhaps more. That saying, I am pretty bad piano player. However, I like to have my devices fully functional for any cases.
I have found a very helpful guide, but with no photos. I made some for better visualization of the repair.
First, I unfastened all screws from both sides:

Second, I unfastened all screws from a wooden base plate which were holding the part with electronics.

Then I unfastened the golden screws holding the whole keyboard to the wood. The keyboard was now accessible from both sides.

The last step is described in the following video. It was just removing the sticky keys and reinserting them without a metal spring coming inside. The end of the metal spring has been left outside of the key:

So far it works well!

Kebnekaise Park

After more than half a year in production, Kebnekaise Park is finished. Enjoy!

Ski touring in High Tatras - Veľká Studená Dolina

Winter 2015 was quite cold. Especially in the High Tatras in Slovakia. So ... we went there to do some ski touring!
Lukas booked a room in village Gerlachov for one night (6.1.2015). The rest of the trip (7. - 8.1.) we stayed in the hut - Zbojnícka chata (1960 m).
We took a bunch of old CD's with us in the car. Lukas, as the master DJ,  discovered some classics and we listened to, among others, Inner Circle's hits. Fortunately, the road to Gerlachov was not that long.

The view on the High Tatras from our room was great even at freezing night.

As usual, Lukas brought some materials to read. Our avalanche bible by Bruce Tremper and some other relevant books. I really enjoyed reading the book by Mišo Diviak - Bujón v šumienke - over the whole trip.

The next morning we got up early, made great egg omelette for breakfast and on our way to Starý Smokovec we saw city of Poprad waking up. The snow layer was quite shallow, but that was about to change soon.

We took a cable car (railway…

Ze života traktoristu


Traktorista Fero išel združstva domo. Nevedzel a nevidzel, jak ho to tahalo šregem do šenku.
"Lojzka, nalej, boha-ci, jaký sem smadný," zachrapčal Fero.
"Na sekeru ci nedám, any čo bys mal padesát korun. Ic domo."
"Any ty mi nedáš, Frno?"
Frno, který sedzel vedla neho, bol cicho.
"Frno. Frno daj mi deci!" zahučal Fero.
"Čos nedošel Frno, včera sem musel byt kostelnýkem já, ja to robit už nebudem, serem na to!"
"Tak ca kopnem do rici, ešče raz tak zaziapneš!" z druhého konca sa ozval Augustín, kerého nekedy volali aj Brmbolec. Medzitým Lojzka chnápala posratého ožrana, kerý sa durch pomočil. Tu sa Fero nahel k cudzému pivu. Scel sa z teho vyzut, ale Gusto už vstával ze stoličky. V šenku zavládlo cicho a napecí sa dalo krájat. Gusto s kríglem v ruke zastal pred Ferem a takto nanho čudným pohladem kukel.
"V rodzine si rob porádky, ne v šenku. S tvoju tlstú, bych si to nescel vymenyt."
Gusto šlahel krígel o stól, …

Reglue your skins too!

Last year, me and my friend Lukas, we planned another skitour trip to High Tatras in Slovakia. However a couple of last skitters I complained about the quality of the glue on my skins. Usually when I saw Lukas or Michal going uphill without no problems and me fighting with my skis and the mountain. The time for regluing of my skins finally came.
I used very general and easy intructions I found on the web: Put the paper on the sticky part of the skins, heat it up with an iron.When you feel the glue is hot, semi-liquid (and stinks, as in my case) - remove the paper. The paper contains the dirt and also some glue.Repeat the step 2 till all the the glue is gone.Uniformly spread the new glue over the skins. I used the glue by Austrian company Kohla.Wait several hours till the glue dryes (this depends on the glue manufacturer). Here are some photos of the whole process.

Prepare a lot of paper and some (preferably old) iron. This is an example of the dirt and glue that is caught up by the pa…

Welcome, to Kebnekaise National Park - 2nd trailer!

This time I used the Lightworks 12 instead of iMovie 10 for video editing. I was quite satisfied with the Lightworks.